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Utilizing GPS Controlled Land Surveys

To achieve the highest level of accuracy, Austin Land Surveying uses state-of-the-art GPS equipment for your land surveying. This technology helps to provide a reliable starting point and allows our team of experienced surveyors to gather field information more efficiently than traditional surveying methods.

Know Your Boundaries

  • Boundary Surveys
  • Lot surveys
  • Alta / ACSM land title surveys
  • Subdivisions
  • Property descriptions
  • Easements

FREE Estimates

Austin Land Surveying offers you FREE estimates for any land surveying project. You’ll get fast turnaround times and precise results whenever you hire us for a job. Call us today to schedule an appointment – 417-471-1628.

Subdivision Design

Whether you have acreage that you’re dividing into separate lots for development or are selling a portion of your land to a neighbor, Austin Land Surveying can meet your needs.

You can count on us for reliable subdivision services, including design service, construction staking, computerized drafting and consulting services. Call us today – 417-471-1628.

Property Boundary Surveys

Historically Section Lines and property lines were measured using a compass and chain. Things have changed a bit since then. Over a period nearly 200 years, equipment has changed drastically! We now employ GPS, Robotics, Ground Penetrating Radar, and specialized computer and software to measure and locate boundaries with amazing results.

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